We are all in this together Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.


We know that it is a very challenging time for everyone, and we would like to support our customers to adapt to this rapidly changing landscape. Here are the latest updates responding to this pandemic and how we are contributing.

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Waive Monthly Fees

We understand that your business might have been affected due to the worldwide outbreak of Covid-19. Therefore, we have decided to waive the monthly fees for scooters which cannot be operated during Covid-19 from April to June this year. Please contact our sales team and send your request to suspend the IoT service.

Provide Favorable Rates

We have seen examples of communities and businesses coming together and supporting each other. Many of you have provided fleets for small businesses, hospitals, and police departments. For those who intend to help your community and city, we are here to work with you to make that easier. Please reach out to us, and we can offer favorable rates and assist with both software and hardware to help you get started as quickly as possible.


Safety Tips for Commuting

We see how effective micromobility can be in a global crisis. Shared scooter rental solutions can provide an alternate mode of transportation that helps you maintain efficiency and commute effectively while still practicing proactive, protective measures.