Why Choose Segway Discovery?

May 4, 2020

Segway Discovery is the ideal solution for scooter sharing business. When you choose Segway Discovery, you get the benefit of working with a well-known manufacturer and turnkey, ready-to-serve solutions.

By partnering with Segway Discovery, you’ll reap the benefits of…

Increased Speed to Market

It’s simple – we provide a turnkey, ready-made solution to launch and manage your e-scooter fleet now, not later.

The new Segway Launcher app is a smart tool for scooter lifecycle management. It’s able to help you recognize and activate your scooters almost immediately – when you have Segway Launcher and scooters ready, you can start to operate your business in just 10 minutes.

Segway Discovery offers connected scooters and turnkey solutions. More importantly, we can customize the branding to match your business and vision. You only need to provide your logo to start your shared scooter business, with start-to-finish prep times averaging in just a few days.

Various models of Segway Discovery scooters have sufficient inventory in stock, and we have warehouses in the U.S., Europe and Asia Pacific regions allowing us to provide a typical lead time of seven days.

Minimal Initial Investment

Segway Discovery has no minimum order quantity – even if you only order one scooter, we are happy to serve you. Our turnkey solutions help you save development costs. We provide everything from cloud services, operation tools, and rider apps so you don’t need to have your own development team. We can do just-in-time delivery. You don’t need to buy unused scooters and stocked them in your warehouse.

Thorough, End-to-End Customer Service

Segway Discovery offers a comprehensive after-sales service system. We offer a 24/7 hotline, one-on-one video calls, and a ticketing system to address any and all problems you might encounter. We can also quickly repair your scooters, as we have spare parts in stock and ready to serve you.

A Significant Pricing Advantage

Because we serve many customers globally, our scale allows us to offer you a very competitive price, $5 per scooter per month with 4G LTE data plan already included.

To learn more about how Segway Discovery is the industry’s leading smart mobility solution and is empowering micromobility across the globe, contact us today.

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