Starting Your Own Scooter Fleet with Segway Discovery

February 5, 2020

Starting your own fleet with Segway Discovery couldn’t be simpler. In a few short steps, you can launch and scale your own scooter-sharing business, driving revenue with a ready-made solution.

Segway Discovery provides turnkey solutions ready to help manage your e-scooter fleet from the get-go without sacrificing tangible benefits like proprietary, IoT-enabled scooters with sophisticated API functionality, a highly intuitive and real-time dashboard, stable and user-friendly cloud services, and dedicated and efficient customer service.

You’ll also receive the ability to select the solution that best matches your needs – our basic solution stands ready to offer white-label scooters with pre-installed IoT functionality and powerful APIs, while our premium solution expands on that concept with the addition of mobile apps and an operational dashboard.

Ready to get started? Follow these easy steps.

  1. Apply – Tell us your operating plan and share with us your vision for your business. When we know what drives you, we can help you find your ideal solution.

  2. Purchase – Once we know how we can best serve you, we’ll work with you to flesh out the perfect solution for your operation.

  3. Operate – Put your dream into motion! We’ll deliver your scooters and get you up to speed on Segway Discovery’s software solutions, giving you the tools to seamlessly kick off your operation.

At Segway Discovery, we’re committed to getting your custom scooter solution off the ground as efficiently as possible, prepping you to satisfy today’s immense last-mile transportation demand.

With a Segway Discovery solution, you can discover and rediscover the joy of shared mobility.

To learn more and begin your Segway Discovery journey, visit

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