Common FAQs for Shared Scooter Model Max 2.0

October 30, 2019

1. Q: How to ride and use a shared electric scooter MAX2.0? What should be noted?

A: Glide at a speed of 4 km/h, stand onto the scooter and press the thumb throttle to accelerate. If the speed of 4 km/h is not reached, the scooter won’t start when the throttle is pressed.

2. Q: What are the requirements for riders of shared electric scooter MAX2.0?

A: Riders ranging from 14 to 50 years old (depends on the e-scooter law in various countries and regions, the range might be different) the and 120 to 200 cm can use the shared scooter. The maximum load is 100 kg and the maximum climbing gradient is 14%. Don’t ride after drinking or taking medicines that may impair judgment.

3. Q: The load bearing capacity noted is 100 kg. What if I am heavier?

A: It is not recommended for people over 100 kg to use the scooter, as the climbing and obstacle crossing capacity of the vehicle declines as its load increases. Tall and heavy people are not encouraged to ride the scooter in order to avoid accidents.

4. Q: Can shared electric scooter MAX2.0 be ridden in rainy days?

A: Although some part of the vehicle is designed to be waterproof, but please avoid riding in rainy days for your safety.

5. Q: What are the riding modes of shared electric scooter MAX2.0?

A: There are three riding modes: Sport, Standard and ECO (i.e. speed limit) modesIn ECO mode, riders push the scooter while walking. (Under normal state of starting, double-click On/Off button to switch modes; a short press on the thumb handle to enter pedestrian mode and a short press on the brake to quit the pedestrian mode)Sport mode: “S” icon (high power/speed and low cruising ability).Standard mode: “D” icon (medium power/speed and cruising ability).ECO mode: ECO icon (low power/speed and high cruising ability), suitable for beginners.Pedestrian mode: “People” icon (this function requires customization); the motor assists when pushing the vehicle.

6. Q: What is the steering angle of the vehicle head?

A: 52° to the left and the right.

7. Q: How to report for repair in case of faults of the shared electric scooter MAX2.0? What information is required?

A: When a fault occurs, the scooter will be maintained by the market service technicians according to Scooter Error Code_Released Sharing provided by Segway in order to find corresponding fault code, perform preliminary troubleshooting and maintenance, provide whole vehicle SN code of corresponding fault code, give detailed description of the fault as far as possible, send relevant pictures/videos to Segway Sharing After-sales Service for it to provide technical support. If no relevant fault code can be found in Scooter Error Code_Released Sharing, fault description can be filled in the fault code column; after the fault is confirmed and removed, Segway will send new Scooter Error Code_Released Sharing and share it with users.

8. Q: What’s the warranty period of the scooter and relevant parts of the shared electric scooter MAX2.0?

A: See the business contract for warranty period of the body and the parts.

9. Q: What are the accessories in sealed packages of a new scooter?

A: A. standing scooter package contains an accessory of AC line (charger line); B. A sectional package contains accessories of (matching) screws and AC line (charger line).

10. Q: Where to buy parts of the shared electric scooter MAX2.0?

A: Contact Segway After-sales to buy.

11. Q: What are the dimension and weight of the shared electric scooter MAX2.0?

A: A: Standing package: 1290(L) * 840 (W) * 1195 (H) mmWeight: 92.0 kg/4 sets (subject to actual measurement in case of customized version)B: Folded package: 1220(L) * 680 (W) * 570 (H) mmWeight: 68 kg/3 sets (subject to actual measurement in case of customized version)

12. Q: What is the motor power of the shared electric scooter MAX2.0?

A: A standard version has rated motor power of 350W. A large power motor is used featuring high horsepower and easy climbing.

13. Q: What if the scooter gets stuck while turning?

A: 1. If it is true, check first if it is a new vehicle; if it is new, wait to see if the condition improves after using for some time. If it improves, it means that the fork assembly has overly large internal screw torque during assembling in the factory or its internal part surface is uneven or has burred. The problem will disappear after some time of use. If the problem remains, return it for test and repair.2. If it is serious or the vehicle practically stops, it is recommended to return it for repair.

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